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2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. Goals that seemed attainable in January may have looked impossible by May. Wins have been few and far between for most of the world. So, I set out to get a small victory for myself.

I wanted to run a 5k in under 28 minutes, a task made more challenging by a recent surgery and a summertime smoking habit. My career wasn’t going how I wanted. My relationships were struggling. But there was still one thing I could control — my health and fitness.

So, I set a goal and worked hard…

The internet has given us more language-learning tools than you may realize.

Learning a new language is difficult, and the task of choosing how to learn can be daunting. While the internet is full of language learning resources, it can take some time and imagination to discover all the resources and determine which ones work best.

Language is meant to be used out in the world, but, whether you’re practicing social distancing, or you just don’t like to get out much, there are more resources than ever to learn a language from home.

These resources are available no matter the language you’re learning, but the more common a language is, the more…

I went rock climbing for the first time this week, and I now feel better than I have in months.

Okay, it wasn’t the first time. I did a camp as a kid, but that was before my fear of heights kicked in. And before I was laid off a couple of months ago. And before I reached the emotional depths that I have over these past months. …

Leonardo’s successes and failures are more relatable than you believe

Leonardo da Vinci considered himself a failure in his 20s. Who knew genius could be so relatable?

He also painted the most famous painting of all time, drew blueprints for 15th-century flying machines, and hung out with Machiavelli. Leonardo was an artist; he painted, drew, and sculpted. He was a scientist; he studied optics, engineering, and anatomy. Perhaps genius isn’t that relatable.

But the word “genius” can mislead and discourage those that wish to follow in his footsteps of mastery in any field or craft. …

David Westenhaver

Professional YouTube script writer. Writing about society, technology, language and other way-too-broad subjects.

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