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2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. Goals that seemed attainable in January may have looked impossible by May. Wins have been few and far between for most of the world. So, I set out to get a small victory for myself.

1. Recover While Running

Intervals are essential for building speed and endurance as a runner. For the uninitiated, an interval workout includes periods of faster-than-usual running with periods of slow jogging to recover for the next fast interval.

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As important as it is to run fast, it’s just as important to learn how to run slow.

2. Know Your Route

In the weeks leading up to my race, I read article after article on how to prepare to crush my first 5k. Most of the advice was easy to understand and apply to my own preparation. But I kept seeing one thing that I just didn’t understand.

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Life is full of surprises, but if you can prepare, then you should prepare.

3. What Goes Up Must Come Down

While I had no knowledge of the actual route I was running, I did receive one tip from a fellow racer before we took off. He told me that the finish line was right by the starting line.

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Life has uphill stretches, downhill stretches, and flat stretches.

4. You’re only racing yourself

Perhaps the most common mistake that new runners make in their first race is running too fast. I had no problem running a steady pace when training, but race day was a different beast.


Despite our tendency to compare ourselves to others, life isn’t about comparison. It’s about progress. Compare yourself to your earlier self all you want, but not to those around you.

Cool Down

I started running because I needed to find measurable success in something that didn’t come easy. I expected a small self-esteem boost for accomplishing this goal, but I didn’t expect to learn so many tactics that translate directly to other portions of life.

Professional YouTube script writer. Writing about society, technology, language and other way-too-broad subjects.

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