Most of these rules are great, but rules 3 and 8 can be updated.

For rule 3, I agree that the “wanna meet up?” text doesn’t count as a date, and shouldn’t be considered an option until you’ve been on several dates and a budding relationship is growing. It’s good to see people in different contexts, like being around friends instead of one-on-one. That text should be considered an invitation to a social gathering, and nothing more. If she says no, then there should be no hard feelings. Again, it should not be approached as a date, but as an invitation to someone you enjoy spending time with.

For splitting the tab, my girlfriend wouldn’t let me pay for every date. I try to pay for at least 60%, but she wouldn’t be happy with letting me pick it up every time.

Professional YouTube script writer. Writing about society, technology, language and other way-too-broad subjects.

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